Apply for a Scholarship

scholarshipOnce you have read all of the information found here, please fill out this form to apply for a Pikes Peak Writers Conference Scholarship.

Before applying for a scholarship please ensure your application letter and writing sample are as polished as possible. While we are not looking for perfection, we do expect all applications to be professional.

Scholarship Application

  • Your application letter must include a summary of your writing experience and aspirations and explain the financial circumstances that prevent you from attending PPWC at your own expense. In addition, if you are not from the Colorado Springs area, we will need to know how you plan on handling transportation and lodging expenses.
  • The writing sample should be a selection representative of your best writing. While a fiction sample is not necessary, please be advised this is a fiction-focused writing conference.

NOTE: Although not a disqualifier, previous scholarship recipients will receive lower priority in order to widen opportunities for new applicants.