PPWC Prequel Programming

We are hard at work on Pikes Peak Writers Conference 2019.

The dates: May 3-5, 2019

If you are interested in presenting at conference submit a proposal.  Portal now closed for PPWC2019.

If there’s a presenter or topic you’d like to see if we can get request a workshop.

Pikes Peak Writers invites you to register for our Prequel Programming taking place on Thursday, May 2, 2019. These are in-depth, 3-hour workshops on a variety of topics and range of skill levels. You can pair any morning workshop with any afternoon workshop to suit your individual needs.

Lunch is included in your PPWC Prequel registration price ($150 standalone or $95 with conference registration).

  • Morning sessions run 9 a.m.-noon.
  • Afternoon sessions run 1-4 p.m.
  • During the break from noon to 1 p.m., lunch will be provided for you.


Morning Sessions

Title: Unlimited Writing
Presenter: Jonathan Maberry
Category: Writing Life
Description: This would be an exploration of how to build a diverse writing career that goes outside of the comfort zone in order to attract new business and broaden skills and opportunities.  This is how to make a living as a full-time writer in the post-economic meltdown publishing industry.

Title: Screenwriting Exposed!
Presenter: Saundra Mitchell
Category: Craft
Description: Creation, examination and adaptation! During this workshop, the aspiring screenwriter will learn about proper screenwriting format, screenwriting software, and how to adapt existing materials for the small and large screen. Laptops and adaptation material are strongly encouraged; this will be a hands-on writing experience!

Title: Writing Characters Your Readers Won’t Forget
Presenter: Stant Litore
Category: Craft
Description: This workshop offers a toolkit for addressing that issue. With practical strategies and abundant examples, this class will help you write unforgettable characters who “come alive” on the page, create compelling dialogue, and chart more breathtaking emotional journeys for your characters.

Title: Scrivener from Zero to 60: Get Up and Running–and Writing–With Scrivener TODAY
Presenter: Debbie Allen
Category: Writing Tools
Description: Scrivener writing software: everyone says they love it, but what writer has time to learn something new? And most writers using Scrivener miss out on some of the program’s best elements. This workshop will help you start, literally, at zero, and get up and running right away. Even long-time users will learn to take advantage of features they didn’t know were there. Learn to navigate stunning elements to make writing–and research–faster and more efficient, no matter what genre. This workshop is for both fiction and non-fiction writers. Bring your computer with Scrivener already downloaded (you can try it free for 30 days).

Afternoon Sessions

Title: Act Like a Writer
Presenter: Jonathan Maberry
Category: Writing Life
Description: This is one of my hottest workshops. Writers are often uncomfortable with public appearances and yet they need to become the face of their book and the face of their brand. This program discusses how to feel comfortable when meeting the public (at signings, etc.), how to do a compelling reading, how to give a talk (without notes), and how to construct a ‘public version’ of you.

Title: Adrenaline Rush: Writing Suspense Fiction
Presenter: John Gilstrap
Category: Craft
Description: Award-winning thriller author John Gilstrap presents a three-hour seminar on the construction of intelligent suspense fiction. What makes for a strong plot? How do you take cardboard characters and give them life on the page? Through lively lectures and writing exercises, students get a peek at the skeleton that gives structure to the stories that keep us reading long into the night.

Title: How to Market Your Book on Amazon
Presenter: Polly Letofsky
Category: Business
Description: “Amazon is your most powerful marketing partner. In this class we’re going to share all the tips and tricks you can use to boost your sales and findability on Amazon:
• The anatomy of Amazon – Don’t miss a single free marketing tool!
• How to select your most effective browse categories
• Tools to optimize your Author Central Account “

Title: Total Immersion: The Art of Going Deep
Presenter: Chris Goff
Category: Craft
Description: In this workshop, Chris Goff will explore some of the ways writers can dig in and mine for that je ne sais quoi that grabs a reader and propels a book onto the bestseller lists. She’ll share some tools, methods and insight, so we can master the art of going DEEP. Please bring five to ten pages of your work-in-progress or finished manuscript (even better) and be prepared to make some changes