PPWC TechTeam

Laptop with computer projector on tableExperience PPWC at a Reduced Cost

This program is open to any applicant 18 years of age or over who would be willing to attend conference in a working capacity.  Each participant in the program will be required to work in an assigned conference room for each day of conference and would be primarily responsible for setting up, tearing down, and assisting with equipment such as projectors and laptops.  Please note, there are a limited number of spaces on the TechTeam.

Members of the TechTeam will receive 50% off the standard conference fee.

The 2020 Pikes Peak Writers Conference will be held Friday, April 17, 2020 to Sunday, April 19, 2020. Deadline to apply for a position with the PPWC Tech Team is March 10, 2020.

Questions about the TechTeam

Q.  I live outside of the Colorado Springs area.  Can I still apply?
A.  Yes, but you should detail how you will cover the cost of transportation and hotel or other accommodations.

Q.  Can I still get a Query 1-on-1 and/or Read & Critique appointment if I’m part of the TechTeam?
A.  Yes, provided appointments are available.  You will be given the same opportunities to participate in those appointments as any other attendee.

Q.  I don’t know a lot about computers.  Can I still apply?
A.  Yes.  You don’t have to know a lot – though the more you know the better.  There will be training for those in the program to assist in the setting up of projectors and hooking them up to laptops which is the primary role of the TechTeam.

How to Apply for the TechTeam

See our application form page.

Notification of Acceptance

Each applicant will receive an email acknowledgment.  If you do not receive an acknowledgement email, please check your spam folders to ensure it did not land there. If you still can’t find the acknowledgement email, contact techteam@pikespeakwriters.com well before the deadline (TBD).

Need help?

Email techteam@pikespeakwriters.com with any questions you may have.

TechTeam Details

DUTIES – TechTeam crew members are required to:

1.    Register for PPWC at 50% of the standard conference rate. (Instructions on registration provided upon acceptance into the program.)
2.    Work in your assigned conference rooms for the full morning and full afternoon of each conference day.  Crew members’ workshop preferences will be taken into consideration, but no guarantees are made about assignments.
3.    Set up and tear down equipment at designated times during the conference.
4.    Attend a training session (date, time, place TBD) where you will learn to use the equipment, primarily the projectors.
5.    Attend TechTeam meetings at the conference as arranged by the TechTeam Coordinator.
6.    Arrive at the hotel for set up 30 minutes in advance of the first workshop each morning of conference, and be in your assigned rooms at least 5 minutes in advance of each workshop.
7.    Pack up equipment when appropriate, making sure to account for all parts, components, and cables, and secure it in the PPWC office.
8.    At the end of conference on Sunday, stay and help until clean-up is completed (approximately 3 PM).

BENEFITS – TechTeam members will receive:

1.     Admission to PPWC at 50% of the standard conference rate.  Since duties require TechTeam to be in workshop rooms, you will get the benefit of being in a workshop each session of conference.  (The workshops may not be the ones you would prefer, see above number 2 under DUTIES.)
2.    Registration materials and appointment opportunities equal to that of a fully paid registrant (note that appointments are limited and not guaranteed), to include the opportunity to participate in one Read & Critique session on Friday and one Query 1-on-1 appointment on Saturday
3.    All conference meals: Lunch and Dinner on Friday, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Saturday, and Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday.
4.    The option to attend the Thursday workshops at the staff rate.