The Wordsmith Gathering

Dec 20, 2021 — 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Location: Doubletree by Hilton Bar (get directions)

Meet us in the bar at the Doubletree by Hilton, Colorado Springs!

Time for some seasonal fun! We’ll be exchanging books, having fun with words, and hobnobbing with fabulous wordsmiths like YOU! Crawl out of whatever word mine you’ve been toiling in, brush yourself off, put on some pants (or a skirt or dress, we’re not picky, but don’t forget a shirt), and join us!

Here’s what we need from you:

  1. Grab a book in new condition you’d like to share.
  2. Wrap it in some PLAIN paper. Wrap it up in plain brown paper, use a brown paper bag for wrapping paper, whatever. Just make sure it’s P-L-A-I-N and opaque.
  3. Write the genre on the wrapper.
  4. Write 3 words that describe said book on the wrapper (no spoilers, no words from the title).
  5. Bring your notebooks and pens or pencils for the crazy writing activities.
  6. Bring some funds for drinks and/or food if you want them. This is a Buy Your Own event.

Here’s what we’ll do:

  1. Provide a venue where you can relax with your fellow wordsmiths who have most likely also been toiling away all year in the word mines.
  2. Orchestrate fabulous entertainment in the form of FUN stuff to do with words (because let’s face it, we’re all a little obsessed).
  3. We will, of course, leave plenty of opportunity for some good, old-fashioned chit-chat time. We encourage you to find someone you don’t know. Maybe ask them about what and/or why they write.

Come join the fun!

  • Note: There will be no Write Brain or Writers’ Night event for the month of December due to the business of the holiday season. 


Kim Olgren

Kim Olgren

Kim has loved reading widely and voraciously as far back as she can remember. She devours stories like other people devour potato chips. Eventually she realized she had stories in her head she wanted to read that no one had written yet. She joined Pikes Peak Writers in 2016 hoping to find like-minded people and hone her skills to write the stories swirling around in her mind, and she was not disappointed. Kim writes speculative fiction, mostly, and is a frequent victim of “shiny idea syndrome” which causes her to work on multiple projects at a time.

When she’s not writing, Kim can be found running a real estate investment business and flipping houses with her husband, hanging out with her grandkids, camping and traipsing around the local mountainous areas with her family, in the kitchen creating modest, culinary masterpieces-and sometimes spectacular disasters, or tooling around on Izzy The Wandercycle with her hubby. A fan of anything artistic or creative, she also loves crafting beautiful things out of a variety of materials. Most recently, she is teaching herself how to crochet and knit.