The Two-Hour MFA with Angie Hodapp

Jun 13, 2020 — 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Location: Online via Zoom. (get directions)

Registration for this event is now closed.

Writers tend to think that artful prose belongs solely to the realm of literary fiction—that writers of genre fiction need only concern themselves with matters of story craft, such as plot, structure, character arc, pacing, and so on. Not true! For agents, a great disappointment is a manuscript that scores high on all the elements of story craft but falls flat in narrative style.

This class is all about what genre writers can learn from their literary cousins. Come prepared to write! Learn various poetic and literary devices and practice applying them to your prose, from simple sentences to complex scenes. How can description be used to make meaning? How can voice be used to support theme? And, most importantly, how can you develop a personal writing style that leaves a lasting impression on your reader?

Cost is $10.

You will be sent a private Zoom link to the workshop the night before.


Angie Hodapp

Angie Hodapp

Angie Hodapp is the Director of Literary Development at Nelson Literary Agency. She holds a BA in English and secondary education and an MA in English and communication development. A graduate of the Publishing Institute at the University of Denver, she has worked in professional writing, editing, and education for more than twenty years. A frequent presenter at writing conferences and events, she loves helping writers improve their craft and learn about the ever-changing world of publishing.