May Write Brain – Creating Embodied Characters

May 22, 2018 — 6:15 to 8:15

Location: 1175 Chapel Hills Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 (get directions)

What: Creating Embodied Characters

Who: Morgen Leigh

When: May 22nd, 6:15 – 8:15pm – PLEASE NOTE: Due to a scheduling conflict with the Library, we have been asked to move from our normal 3rd Tuesday so for May only, we’ll hold the Write Brain on the 4th Tuesday.

Where: Library 21C – 1175 Chapel Hills Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

More Information: This workshop takes a social-psychological approach to understanding the intricacies of embodied communication, including gestures, expressions, cultural elements, and styles of body usage. How a character uses his or her body in various forms of communication can “show” the reader a lot about the character’s motivation and interaction patterns, including deception, desire, information control, manipulation, and techniques of emotional labor. Questions for consideration: How does your character’s body betray the truth – or the lie? What exactly are they hiding – or revealing – and what will they do and say to get what they want?

About the Presenter: Morgen Leigh Thomas began fabricating stories when she was three-years-old. At the age of six she began putting her unsettling fabrications down on paper, scaring the hell out of friends and family with her dark tales and forcing her parents to question everything they knew about child-rearing. At the impressionable age of 11 she read Sybil and promptly struck out on a quest to learn everything there was to know about the human psyche, with an ever-deepening interest in the darker aspects of human behavior. Predictably, she earned degrees in psychology and sociology, with a focus on sociology of the body and social psychology. She now teaches sociology, gerontology, sociology of the body, and social psychology at the university level. She is a yoga teacher with special emphasis on classes for people with disabilities and mobility restrictions. She leads workshops on ethics, inclusion, and diversity in the workplace and on adaptive yoga for disability and co-facilitates yoga teacher trainings three times per year. Morgen is also a professional writer published in fiction, creative nonfiction, journalism, and peer-reviewed academic research. Her fiction and creative non-fiction has appeared in Twilight Times, Mystic Signals, Apollo’s Lyre, The S’Peaker, and The Lorelei Signal. She is currently finishing a second novel and expanding a novelette. Her paranormal horror novel bloodbrothers will be released in 2018.

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