Writers’ Night

Jan 24, 2022 — 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Location: Fargo's Pizza 2910 E Platte Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80909 (get directions)

FREE! Fourth Monday every month.

We are meeting IN PERSON at Fargo’s Pizza, 2910 E Platte Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80909!

Writers’ Night is where aspiring writers can come to have their questions answered, and experienced authors can rub shoulders with their peers and lend their expertise. It’s two hours of fun, camaraderie, and laughter, the one event where the attendees set the agenda, and the host is there simply to keep it organized. Want to talk about query letters? Let’s do it! How to get an agent? An excellent topic, let’s discuss it.

You’ll get to share your accomplishments, and maybe meet some new authors to stay in touch with. These are your people. This is your team. Come out and be a part of it.

Guests DO NOT have to wait in line and can go straight to the podium and say they are with Pikes Peak Writers. 

Please feel free to share this event!

If you have questions, please contact Mytchel Chandler at writersnight@pikespeakwriters.com.

See you soon!


Kim Olgren

Kim Olgren

Kim has loved reading widely and voraciously as far back as she can remember. She devours stories like other people devour potato chips. Eventually she realized she had stories in her head she wanted to read that no one had written yet. She joined Pikes Peak Writers in 2016 hoping to find like-minded people and hone her skills to write the stories swirling around in her mind, and she was not disappointed. Kim writes speculative fiction, mostly, and is a frequent victim of “shiny idea syndrome” which causes her to work on multiple projects at a time.

When she’s not writing, Kim can be found running a real estate investment business and flipping houses with her husband, hanging out with her grandkids, camping and traipsing around the local mountainous areas with her family, in the kitchen creating modest, culinary masterpieces-and sometimes spectacular disasters, or tooling around on Izzy The Wandercycle with her hubby. A fan of anything artistic or creative, she also loves crafting beautiful things out of a variety of materials. Most recently, she is teaching herself how to crochet and knit.