Write Brain: Building Your Book: The 6 Essential Development Questions

Aug 18, 2020 — 6:15 PM to 8:15 PM

Location: FREE! Online Via Zoom (get directions)

Demystify the process of novel building with this workshop. We’ll ask–and answer–the key structural questions at the heart of every novel. Whether you’re just getting started or deep into revisions, this workshop helps writers deconstruct and better understand their story and its themes. We’ll discuss developing the core concept and casting your characters, and breakdown the story beats of a modern novel in detail.




Trai Cartwright

Trai Cartwright

Trai Cartwright, MFA, is a 25-year entertainment industry veteran and creative writing and business development specialist. She teaches, produces, and writes screenplays and novels. While in Los Angeles, she was a screenwriter, independent film producer, and story consultant and development executive for HBO, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, and New Line Cinema. She was the Assistant Director of Leonardo DiCaprio’s online endeavors and the Manager for 20th Century Fox’s Mobile Studios. Trai currently teaches creative writing, screenwriting, and producing for Western State Colorado University, Denver University and CU Denver, conferences and cons, and one-on-one as a development and story editor. She is the screenwriter of Secret Ellington, and producer of docu-series Hidden Tigers, and short film Sundown Road.