PPW Anthology Submission Guidelines

The PPW Anthology is not accepting submissions at this time, but are sharing the guidelines with our readers for future reference. Check back on our main page for new updates.


Staff: For the 2021 edition: Jaime Ferguson, Jenny Lovett, Lou Berger, Kathie Scrimgeour


Contact: Anthology@PikesPeakWriters.com


Theme: A new theme is set for each edition. Please refer back to the anthology’s main page for details.


Genres: Fiction, Non-fiction, poetry, memoir.


What we want

  • Short stories of 1500-6500 words
  • Genre is open – realistic or speculative, contemporary or historical, literary or commercial. As long as it has a strong plot, emotional appeal, and a connection to the theme, we want to read it!


What we DON’T want

  • Children’s fiction (younger than YA). Fiction intended for middle grade, early readers, and younger is not a good fit for this anthology. Your story may have a young protagonist as long as the intended audience is adults or teens.
  • Translations or fanfiction
  • Sections of longer works. Submissions should stand alone.
  • Erotica, rape scenes, or gratuitous violence. Some sex, violence, and profanity is fine as long as it suits the story. It should not feel gratuitous or be included for shock value.


Submission guidelines

  • Deadline: Set with each new book. Please refer back to the anthology’s main page for information
  • Word count: 1000 to 6500 words.
  • Format: Times New Roman, size 12, double spaced, 1” margins, black text on white background. Include a header with the title and page number at the top of each page. YOUR NAME MUST NOT APPEAR ON YOUR MANUSCRIPT, as submissions will be read blind.
  • Simultaneous submissions: We prefer that you do not submit your story elsewhere while we have it under consideration. If you have something perfect that has already been submitted elsewhere, let us know on the submission form and alert us immediately if it gets accepted by another publication.
  • Multiple submissions: You may submit as many stories as you like. A SEPARATE SUBMISSION FORM IS REQUIRED for each submission. Only one story per author for publication will be selected.
  • Reprints: We are looking for original, unpublished pieces only. We will not accept a submission that has been previously published in any form, including on your personal or professional website.


Rights & compensation

  • We ask for first rights. A year after publication, rights will revert to the author, meaning you’ll be free to reprint your story as you see fit.
  • Selected contributors will be compensated (TBD).
  • All rights and compensation will be detailed in your contract. Each new publication may have a different compensation program from the previous publications.


This is not an exhaustive list. Guidelines are subject to change. Please refer to the anthology’s main page for up-to-date details.