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FREE Open Critique
First week of every month
6-9 PM

Bowen Gillings
Bowen Gillings

Open Critique is currently on hiatus until we can safely meet in person once again. When we are able to reconvene, Open Critique will be under the stewardship of Bowen Gillings. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding Open Critique, please feel free to email Bowen at

PPW Open Critique is open to anyone who needs a second set of eyes on a few pages of their work. You could be new to writing altogether, or just new to critiquing. You could be looking for a critique group or a way to end a chapter. You might want to learn best practices and etiquette of critiquing. You might be an established writer stuck on a scene that needs…something. You might want to know if your inciting incident really incites.

Bowen is an award-winning author featured in Allegory e-zine, Ghosts of DowntownWriting is ArtFOGGhorn, and the Writing from the Peak blog. He regularly hosts Writing with a View for Garden of the Gods Park, and is a former president of Pikes Peak Writers. Learn more about him at

What do you need to do? Bring a maximum of eight manuscript pages (one-inch margins, double-spaced, one sided, 12-pt type). Bring eight copies of your eight pages. If you want to ensure your work gets read at the next session, email to reserve a space. Or you can show up (with copies) and put your name on the sign-up list, first come, first served. We typically get through about six submissions each session.

You will get immediate feedback on your work, while learning how to give and receive constructive feedback on a work in progress.

Not quite ready to take the plunge? Observers are ALWAYS welcome and don’t require advance registration.

Open Critique takes place the first week of every month, from 6-8:30 p.m., at the Falcon Police Station, 7850 Goddard Street, 80920 (west of Chapel Hills Mall). Please contact with any questions, or to secure your slot for the next adventure.

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