Board of Directors

PPW is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors.  The Board ensures that PPW abides by its Bylaws, state and federal laws, and the rules that bind a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  In addition, members of the Board often have additional roles in the organization.  The size of the Board and some of the job titles have changed over the years as the needs of PPW have evolved.  But what remains consistent is the volunteers’ focus on the health of the organization, and the commitment they have to the writers they serve.

Board members are elected to a two-year term at the annual meeting every September. Anyone interested in running for an open position must submit a one-page letter of inquiry detailing the position of interest, qualifications, and a brief bio to the nominations committee by August 31st of the respective year. Email letters to Put Board Nomination in the subject line.


Deb Courtney

Deb holds a degree in Fiction from the University of South Florida, where she was a Saunders Scholar in Fiction. She has had numerous short stories published and has worked as a freelance journalist. Her background includes more than 20 years in Technical Project Management. 

Her consulting firm, Courtney Literary, is about to launch TaleWinds, featuring Regatta Project Management Software for Writers. She hosts the popular “Write Drunk, Edit Sober” improv writing series monthly in Colorado Springs.

Immediate Past President

Kameron Claire

Kameron loves building worlds where heroes and heroines push, pull, and fight their way to the love and happiness they deserve. As a third-generation veteran, she believes anywhere can be home, but has spent most of her life in Colorado and Arizona, which are just as much a part of her as her wanderlust spirit. She’s traveled to many corners of the world, but has so many places she still needs to see. When not writing, she’s tackling remodeling projects around her home, seeking out new travel adventures with her gypsy friends, or snuggling with her four-legged son.

She’s been a member of Pikes Peak Writers since 2013, attended her first writers conference in 2014, and started volunteering in 2015.

Vice President

Amy Krasikov

Amy “AD” Krasikov, is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. In addition to serving on the Board of Directors with Pikes Peak Writers, she is a volunteer with the Pikes Peak Writers Conference. Amy is a writer, speaker, mentor, and story addict. A Colorado native, Amy is at home wherever there are mountains, a cool breeze, and the gentle rustling of leaves. Follow Amy at, Facebook, and on LinkedIn.


Mytchel Chandler

Mytchel is an avid movie goer and severely part time cosplayer. He loves just about everything “geek” and is the writer of his own time travel Graphic Novel titled Chronic. Finishing edits on his debut novel, a YA Fantasy titled, The Dark and Dangerous Days of Sin Shadow, Mytchel strives to be the most fabulous version of himself every day! Connect with him at or on Facebook and Instrgram @authormytchelchandler.


Charise Simpson

Charise is currently working on a humorous travel memoir, and developing a middle grade mystery series with her teenaged daughter. She has worked as a freelance journalist writing a weekly Q&A column for the business section of The Gazette. She has also written feature stories for the local Woodmen & Cheyenne Editions newspapers. As a member of the Pikes Peak Writers since 2010, she has served as a general conference gofer and moderator, Handout Coordinator, and Allergy Meals Coordinator, as well as committee member for Non-Conference Events.

Member At Large

Rick Buchanan

A military retiree, Rick has traveled the world eventually laying down permanent roots in Colorado where he lives with his wife, dogs and two obstinate cats.   By day, he works for a healthcare IT / analytics company; by night he imagines new and inventive ways to torment his stories’ protagonists.

A lifelong bibliophile, Rick reads widely across genres but can’t pass up a good sci-fi or fantasy novel.  Dog eared paperbacks by Terry Pratchett, Isaac Asimov and Douglas Adams are his particular Kryptonite.  Intent on becoming a better writer, Rick joined Pikes Peak Writers in the fall of 2018 and started serving on the board in late 2019.

When not hunched over a computer he enjoys travel, spending time in the mountains and live music.  Dislikes include bad movies made from great books and talking about himself in the third person.

Member At Large

Becki Davis

A member of Pikes Peak Writers for over 20 years, Becki has written dozens of lifestyle articles for local publications and has been published in a national women’s magazine. She has written several stories mostly for fun, but hopes one day to be serious and query a few of her completed middle grade stories. Currently she works as an advertising manager for a local newspaper writing copy and designing ads. She and her husband are graphic designers and have won numerous awards both locally and internationally throughout their long careers.

Member At Large

Laura Hayden

Laura Hayden is one of the founders of the Pikes Peak Writers and served as it first president. She’s been associated with PPWC since its inaugural year, 1993. In addition, she’s held the position of PPWC  director for an unprecedented eight years (non-consecutive).  She’s published thirteen fiction novels in a wide variety of genres, one nonfiction and many short stories. She owns Author, Author! a bookstore serving authors and co-owns Parker Hayden Media, an assisted self-publishing company. She resides in the Birmingham, Alabama area, but her heart remains in Colorado.

Kim Olgren

Member at Large

Kim Olgren

Kim has loved reading widely and voraciously as far back as she can remember. She devours stories like other people devour potato chips. Eventually she realized she had stories in her head she wanted to read that no one had written yet. She joined Pikes Peak Writers in 2016 hoping to find like-minded people and hone her skills to write the stories swirling around in her mind, and she was not disappointed. Kim writes speculative fiction, mostly, and is a frequent victim of “shiny idea syndrome” which causes her to work on multiple projects at a time.

When she’s not writing, Kim can be found running a real estate investment business and flipping houses with her husband, hanging out with her grandkids, camping and traipsing around the local mountainous areas with her family, in the kitchen creating modest, culinary masterpieces-and sometimes spectacular disasters, or tooling around on Izzy The Wandercycle with her hubby. A fan of anything artistic or creative, she also loves crafting beautiful things out of a variety of materials. Most recently, she is teaching herself how to crochet and knit.

Member at Large

Kathie Scrimgeour

Kathie Scrimgeour, is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder. In addition to serving on the Board of Directors with PPW, she is also the Managing Editor of Writing from the Peak (PPW’s blog) and one of the editors of PPW’s first anthology, Fresh Starts. Her inspiration for blogging, flash fiction, short stories, and the long haul of novel writing comes from her many life experiences. You can follow her on her website, and on Facebook. When she’s not writing you can find her somewhere in Colorado walking, hiking, or rock climbing at the local gym.

Previous Board Members

Kirsten Akens, Jodi Anderson, Donnell Bell, Chris Boswell, Deb Buckingham, Paul Carhart, Maxine Davenport, J.T. Evans, Todd Fahnestock, Maria Faulconer, Karen Fox, Bowen Gillings, Beth Groundwater, Bonnie Hagan, Patrick Hester, Mandy Houk, Alicia Howie, Ron Heimbecher, Jax Hunter, Pat Kennelly, Jennifer LaPointe, Shannon Lawrence, Chris Mandeville, Pam McCutcheon, Connie McKenzie, Debbie Meldrum, Dawn Smit Miller, Sue Mitchell, Chris Myers, Barb Nickless, Chris Olsen, Ellen Phillips, Joel Quevillon, Ed Raetz, Laura Reeve, Charles Rush, Susan Rust, Michael Waite, Bret Wright, Jennifer Webster-Valant, Stacy S. Jensen, GeorgeAnne Nelson, Gabrielle Brown, KL Cooper, Jenny Martin.