Sweet Success for Karen Lin

By: Darby Karchut-

Karen Albright Lin is thrilled to announce the August 30th release of her new book, MU SHU MAC & CHEESE. The story interweaves the subtle relationships of family with food and Chinese culture, with liberal dashes of humor.

ABOUT THE BOOK: With her household the focus of a TV reality show, food writer Elaine’s professional dreams are about to come true. But her dominating Chinese mother-in-law’s unexpected arrival blends the filming with more than a dash of culture clash. All too soon, Ma wants to chaperone Elaine’s son to prom and otherwise brings the household’s pot to a full boil.

MU SHU MAC & CHEESE explores how far a corn-grown foodie will go to save her family’s happy life from being sliced and diced. It’s Julia Child meets My Big Fat CHINESE Wedding. The book is available from Amazon.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Karen Albright Lin is an award-winning author of many genres and a produced screenwriter. Her novel, AMERICAN MOON, is available on Amazon. She’s also a freelance editor for bestselling and award-winning authors, and a cruise ship speaker. She’s published many short works and worked with a Hollywood agent and top New York agents. Visit the author at karenalbrightlin.com or follow her on Facebook.

Darby Karchut

Sweet Success is coordinated by Darby Karchut who is an award-winning author, dreamer, and compulsive dawn greeter. A proud native of New Mexico, she now lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, where she runs in blizzards and bikes in lightning storms.
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