Call For Board Members

The Pikes Peak Writers Board of Directors has five positions open in September. We invite any and all interested individuals to apply.

Two positions (President and Secretary) have incumbents running, but the other three are wide open for someone who has a little time and a lot of enthusiasm to spare.

  1. The President is the public face of the organization, who runs the quarterly board meetings, supervises and controls the business of PPW, and runs the Board meetings.
  2. The Treasurer is in charge of the money. Bookkeeping experience is a plus. Reconciles credit card and bank statements monthly, handles cash whenever necessary for events, makes sure the taxes are paid.
  3. The Secretary keeps and posts minutes of the meetings and takes care of official correspondence.
  4. The NCE (Non Conference Events) Director is responsible for planning and executing the free Write Brains every month, the Write Your Heart Out event in February, and other paid or free events that aren’t conference. This position is often shared between two people, but it’s only one board seat.
  5. Member at Large is a good position for someone new to the board, and it’s a great learning opportunity. In this position, you would represent the interests of the general membership of Pikes Peak Writers.

To apply: submit a 1-2 page letter with the reasons you’re interested in the position, a summary of your history with PPW, any volunteering you’ve already done for us, and any non-PPW volunteer efforts that are applicable. Submit your letter to J.T. Evans at:, no later than September 19. You may also contact J.T. if you have questions about the positions, or refer to the blog post of Sept. 6, 2016.